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Timber Design Interoperability

Timber Design Interoperability
Beetle Killed Pine Optimization
Solid timber products include glued systems of cross-laminated timber and glue-laminated timber and no-glue solutions including dowel laminated timber, nail laminated timber and interlocking cross-laminated timber developed by Euclid Timber, LLC in Heber, Utah. These products are being researched and developed to service residential and commercial structures in North America.
This project is concerned with fostering market uptake of solid timber through identifying the workflow barriers in transferring design data into fabrication software in timber construction. The transferring of data between one platform to another is known as interoperability. The purpose is to overcome this barrier in order to increase the use of structural timber in commercial construction.

Our primary use of information gathering was interviews and online surveys with architects, fabricators, structural engineers, CAD/CAM software developers and design software developers. This qualitative research conducted is to inquire about digital workflow, the timber commercial sector, and potential barriers to uptake in timber production Additional research methods included literature searches, software training, and software trials.

An ‘Interoperability Test’ was also sent out to the 4 major CAD/CAM providers to test the capabilities of their software. The same Revit model was sent to all of the providers, and they were asked to translate that design into their software, create a set of drawings, and document their process.

Project Investigator: Ryan E. Smith, Director ITAC
Co-PI: Erin Carraher, Senior Researcher, ITAC
Researcher: Gentry Griffin, M.Arch Student

US Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory

Industry Support:
Euclid Timber, LLC, Heber, Utah

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