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Off-site Implementation Guide

Off-site Implementation Guide

This proposal is for the research and development of an Off-Site Construction Implementation Guide for the architecture, engineering, contractor and owner (AECO) industry.

Amidst the increasing interest in off-site construction and advancement of the technology, there is a lack of knowledge concerning how to effectively implement off-site construction techniques and technologies. This project is to develop a guide on offsite construction for the building sector. It will outline the key contextual parameters for how to utilize off-site construction processes from the perspective of unique audiences including designer (A&E), constructor (GC/CM), and owner/developer.

The guide will gather the most current resources from industry and academic publications and additional industry input and experiences into an accessible format for quick reference. The Guide will focus on the process of offsite design, procurement and construction delivery. It will only be system or technology specific (i.e. modular, bathroom pod, mechanical rack, panelized) when illustrating a topical discussion through an example. The purpose is to offer to owners and key building stakeholders a need to know source for how to proceed in engaging and delivering offsite assemblies and subassemblies in construction. In the future, additional guides or expansions of the general guide may be developed to address particular off-site techniques in depth.

Design Parameters
Permitting and inspections
Fire control
Phasing construction

Trade Coordination
Labor Unions
Structural solutions
MEP Integration
BIM execution for offsite

Project Investigator: Ryan E. Smith, Director ITAC
Co-PI: Ryan Colker, NIBS

National Institute of Building Sciences, Autodesk
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