The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning
Ecosteel Thermal Assessment
Ecosteel delivers on prefabricated metal building packages applied to residential and commercial construction projects. The series of wall and roof panels utilized by Ecosteel are metal sandwich filled with non CFC polyisocyanurate foam. The panels are manufactured in a uniform pressure laminating process that bonds metal facings to pre-cured insulating rigid foam cores. The process uses structural urethane adhesives applied under heat and pressure to form an integral bond between steel and foam.

The goal of this study is to assess insulation panel’s thermal behavior and connections performance based on computer-aided simulation tools and high resolution IR thermal camera images of two study projects (Park City, UT and Hampton, NY) once in summer and once in winter. This will demonstrate the success and failures of the thermal envelope and allow Ecosteel to further optimize the energy performance of their buildings to meet Title 24, LEED, Green Globes and other green building standards.

Project Investigator: Ryan E. Smith, Director ITAC
Researcher: Massih Hamedani