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Space Management – temporary institutional and corporate

Space Management – temporary institutional and corporate

Space management is one of the most challenging operational tasks on owner campuses.  New academic research projects or programs often require the rapid deployment of space.  Changes in departments and renovations often necessitate temporary space for faculty and staff.  The flux in space needs presents challenges that have far reaching social, economic and environmental implications that lead to unsustainable ends.

What is needed is a solution to SURGE times in space that are difficult for which to anticipate and plan.  SURGE is a concept for high quality, rapidly deployable, temporary and re-locatable green prefabricated space for the university campus.  This project is for the research and development of SURGE space on institutional and corporate campuses.

  1. Programming Needs – Determine the amount, frequency and viability of such a SURGE solution of temporary space through campus historic data and case studies of SURGE experiences.  Evaluate the growth projections for the next 20+ years.  Determine the type, size and desirable features from users for SURGE space.
  2. Site Locations – Determine the desirable and feasible locations of SURGE space adjacent to existing locations.  View corridors, drainage, maintenance and accessibility will be evaluated.
  3. Technology – Determine the potential type of prefabrication, relocation and green aspects of the high quality SURGE space including associated cost (initial versus lifecycle), indoor air quality, and energy performance.

Final Report HERE.

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Steffan Lofgren, M.Arch/MBA Candidate

Ryan E. Smith, Director ITAC

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