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Solid Timber Market Feasibility

Solid Timber Market Feasibility
Solid timber elements consists of a number of products including:

  • interlocking laminated systems (ICLT),
  • mechanical laminated systems (nailed stacked plank,  brettstapel etc),
  • and bonded laminated systems (glue laminated timber or GluLam, CLT etc).

Edinburgh Napier University has through European Regional Development Funded (ERDF) programmes of work undertaken exploratory research into the viability of producing these products from UK resource. However, for investment in UK solid timber manufacture to take place a roadmap to technical compatibility and market performance is required to ensure investor confidence. This requires market research, market testing and competitor analysis.

This study evaluates the market feasibility of solid timber in the UK.  In addition, this report identifies facilitators and barriers of solid wood technology transfer to the UK working with industry, university and government partners internationally in order to produce a feasibility report for UK investors and knowledge partners. Through this process international linkages have been fostered in order to streamline knowledge transfer from emerging (North America) and established (Germany and Austria) markets for flow of information forming long-term strategic partnerships.

This work is led by Edinburgh Napier University, Centre for Offsite Construction + Innovative Structures.

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