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Solid Timber Building Performance

Solid Timber Building Performance
This project herein is to evaluate ST design and delivery processes using the Northern European and Canadian precedent industries. The method used for this evaluation will be a qualitative case study interpolation of project parameters and stakeholder feedback through site visits, interviews and surveys. These pioneering contexts of Europe and Canada provide a context to evaluate the project performance metrics attributed to ST and the contingent qualitative environmental, organizational and technological contextual factors by which ST in building design and construction may be realized.  The study will:

  1. Identify and document ST projects to evaluate successful performance metric parameters: economics, schedule, scope, quality, risk & worker safety;
  2. Develop a survey to identify the qualitative contextual parameters including environment, organization and technology for successful quantitative performance metrics;
  3. Synthesize holistic best processes and practices guide for the industry looking to engage in ST work.

American Institute of Architects
USDA Forest Service

Mohammad Mohammad, FPInnovations
Lisa Podesto, WoodWorks USA
David Crawford, Edinburgh Napier University
David Kretschmann, USFS Forest Products Lab
John Dramm, USFS Forest Products Lab
Steffen Weber, Hundegger
Joe Mayo, Mahlum Architects
BJ Yeh, American Plywood Association
Kris Spikler, Structurlam