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Modular Construction: Does Modular Perform?

Modular Construction: Does Modular Perform?
This research is an academic and industry partnership to study off-site design and construction processes using case studies from the international commercial modular construction industry. This research test bed has been established with the academic/industry research team to evaluate the comparative project performance metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), attributed to modular offsite delivery versus traditional delivery. This study identifies the key determinants and factors by which off-site fabrication in building design and construction may be realized providing a lessons learned guide from 10 case studies globally. The report reveals processes and practices that lead to productivity performance.

The PMC report is based on two years of research collecting data on 18 case studies. 10 cases were finally selected and reported in comparison to traditional construction projects. In addition the report reveal the results of a national survey of off-site construction filtered for permanent modular responses. Also, the report demonstrates a return on investment study for developers based on schedule reductions from modular at 25% and 50% respectively.

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