The University of Utah
College of Architecture + Planning

About ITAC

Integrated Technology in Architecture Center researches, develops, and studies the process and products of building and applies its findings in live projects.  The Center is an agent of change for continuous improvement in the technical design and construction of buildings, working with industry to apply its research directly into practice.

Process Improvement

For architectural business, design and construction delivery, construction industry workflows, and research implementation into design and construction decision making for more sustainable outcomes.

Product Improvement

For specific design and construction activity and making of buildings with an emphasis on sustainable products, and testing with academic partners.


Through installation, continuing professional development, resource delivery, workshops, and live project(s).

ITAC performs process, product and applied solutions through the activities of teaching, research and outreach:


Research to teaching knowledge integration in academic programs and professional education


Applied research using both quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis.


CPDs, workshops, webinars, community service/engagements, reports and publications